punk ass chump

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name: Chuckles
online monkiers: Acer_genus, Chuck!,
age: 28
birthdate: January 45th
location: Albany, NY
eye color: green/ hazel
hair color: Dark Brown with a couple of greys.
body modifications: several scars, septum piercing, nipple piercings. One tatoo.
love?: Many times.
family: Mom & Dad in MA, some cousins who split thier time between Chappaqua and Southampton, NY, and aunt/ uncle hybrid that lives in Florida.
pets: a cat named Axl Sasquatch.
job: I work at a sandpaper factory doing R&D Quality Control work presently. I also tutor and model.
dream job: Photographer/ herbalist/ eco-guide. and sabateur.
favorite color: blue & orange swirls
favorite sound: people having sex (Does that make me a perv?)/ rain on the roof as you go to sleep/ purring cats.
least favorite sound: the sounds that come out of politicians' mouths.
favorite movies: Clerks, The Seven Samurai, My Life as a Dog, Better Off Dead, Amelie, Secretary, .
favorite books: Brave New World/ Aldous Huxley, the god of small things - arundhati roy, Woman on the Edge of Time/ Marge Piercy, Black Boy/ Richard Wright, The Disposessed/ Ursula K LeGuin, Galapagos/ Kurt Vonnegut, the Ethical Slut.
favorite music: the moldy peaches, Public Enemy, godspeed you black emperor!, bjork, pj harvey, velvet underground, morphine, ani difranco, Dave Brubeck, John Coltrane, .
TV: futurama, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Northern Exposure, the Daily Show, Dave Chappelle, the simpsons, all in the family, Six Feet Under. I don't have a TV, so it's a treat to watch my favorite shows.
favorite foods: lasagna, garlic pizza, ice cream, stir fry with spicy peanut sauce!, jerk tofu.
favorite curse words: MOTHERFUCKER!
little-known fact: I know how to shoot guns really well.